Cheryl's Canine Crew Services

Mountain Adventure Hikes

You don't even have to drop your dog off! We come to your home and pick up your dog. We take them on an hour and a half hike and return them home tired and happy. Moving as a crew provides exercise, socialization and freedom that helps meet their instinctual needs.  For full details see Adventure Hike Page.





In Home Training - Prefer a private session?  We come to your home and spend two hours with you giving you a great foundation to work on. We address your concerns and go over a lot of the basics as well as work on opportunities as they present themselves during our time together. See Training Page for details.


Clinics - Clinics designed for helping owners with their energy. Do you know your dog reacts differently when they are with you? Do you know that you are nervous, fearful or anxious but haven't been able to change it? This is a dog clinic like none you have been to before. We address your issues first and foremost with a cutting edge technique and help relieve your stress so that you aren't passing it onto your dog. If you would like to host a clinic in your area, let me know! Contact us for further details!

Boarding-Daycare-Pet Sitting

Limited number of spaces available for boarding in my home. Hikes are included if suitable and numbers permit. They sleep inside and are inside if weather is bad. There is a big fenced yard right off the house with covered areas.


Limited number of daycare spots available.


Pet Sitting may be available with Leah from The Fur Nanny.  I contract Leah's services for my business and personl life. The critters love her!


For full details see Boarding Page.



"You are my first choice for Hannah as I know she is well cared for and loved with you."



"Whenever I go away, I don't worry about him at all when he boards with Cheryl because I know he is being well looked after and shown much affection."




EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique


I am also a certified EFT practitioner. This is a cutting edge technique that lowers stress levels and the emotional charge around negative events. It has a profound effect on emotional, and even physical issues. I have a separate coaching business but use this method for Cheryl's Canine Crew as well. I have had amazing results  doing sessions just on the owners without even having the dogs involved!  Your energy is the best tool you have to work with your dog and it can be the hardest part of the puzzle to change.  See EFT page for further details.