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                       In Home Training

                                          (From Parksville To Victoria)

The Trust Technique is a unique simple mindful approach that will help you and your animals create the deep fulfilling partnership that you desire. Develop trust and create a bond based on connection, communication, confidence and  cooperation.  Live your best life together! I am one of only a handful of certified practitioners in Canada and I look forward to supporting you.

  • Create a deep connection.

  • Overcome  problem behaviors.

  • Train with ease.

 Introductory Trust Technique course: Messages of Trust



Contact me to book your complimentary 30 min assessment call to discuss your specific situation!


This is so, so wonderful Cheryl!  The next door neighbor, who walked by, just came to the door to tell me about Pippa not barking at them when they went by.  I asked her and her toddler to come inside because it was freezing and I wanted to talk to her about my countertop.  Pippa didn't bark and just lay on her mat, sucking her stuffy of course, but quietly.  Normally she would have pitched a bit of a fit.  I am just gobsmacked by this!  Thank you, thank you!!! Linda Hicks

The motorcycle drove by and Jasmine didn’t even flinch or bark. She remained calmly lying on the grass. I was so surprised I think my mouth dropped to the ground! 

So yes it really does work. And a lot better then treats or training etc…

Thanks so much for turning me onto this new technique. 🌈☀️🌈🦮

Tanja Abdelmesseh 


I wanted to try this method for Sully due to his leash aggression towards other dogs. Most training I have seen deals with bribing the dog with treats or reprimanding for bad behavior, which I wasn't interested in. I also know I get high anxiety, which in turn, gives him heightened anxiety in certain situations. 

The Trust Technique method seemed like the most effective training to get both of us on the same level. 

Using TT and seeing Sully able to get calm while on a leash is awesome! It has allowed me to slow down my thinking and breath and have him do the same while being on his leash. 

I have noticed a positive change in his on leash walking past other dogs and his "trigger" houses. As long as I don't get tense he seems to follow suit now.

The training is great as it isn't me asking him to do anything. Just being present with him and having him calm and relaxed is the goal, which is good for both of us!

I will definitely keep using TT and working on getting both of us to a place where I feel 100% confident that we can calmly walk past dogs with no stress or anxiety. 


Thanks again! I'll keep working for the little wins each day




Joanne Lavalley  Jan 11 2023

Charlie, my smart loveable anxious golden doodle, and I met Cheryl through Sheila Keddy, Keddy’s K9. We learned about and started to use the transformation technique a couple months ago with a goal of helping Charlie find calm in the presence of his many triggers in the outside world. We have a ways to go, however I can now envision the day that Charlie and I will go for a nice walk. So far, this has been the most successful approach for helping Charlie and I look forward to continuing to work with Cheryl in Charlie’s transformation.

Calista 19 Nov 2022

I'm extremely grateful to have had Cheryl be part of the journey with my new puppy. It has been such a journey of growth.

I'm admittedly quite particular about who holds space for me a
nd Cheryl's capacity to do so feels safe, approachable and holistic. She's a gem of a human and a healing facilitator in her craft.

The approach to healing and connecting with my animal has transformed me as well. I felt it was so necessary to have 1:1 experiences with Cheryl to witness, guide and support. We've seen SO much progress. We're operating very differently with Koji's leaps and bounds. Still things that are actively being worked on but I appreciate Cheryl's advice in my mind to pay attention to the smaller progress, too. Life's way more peaceful for us both. 💟

Laura & Corie 17 Nov 2022

Right from the first time I spoke with Cheryl, I was confident that I had found the right person to help me work effectively with Corie.
In the couple of weeks that we have been using the Trust Technique we have made progress in regards to helping Corie remain calm when someone comes to the door. As a result, we are both feeling more relaxed.
Thank you Cheryl. I am looking forward to working with you further. 😁🐾

Roberta Macintosh 13 Nov 2022

I have had the opportunity to experience the remarkable positive progression of my dog Kiko through our sessions with Cheryl learning ,understanding and practicing the trust techniques.
My dog was experiencing a lot of anxiety when I placed a leash on his collar, he would not walk !!So we were confined to walking in backyard for a long time.
I found through mindfulness, patience and persistence Kiko and I were able to overcome our anxiety and now our out for walks daily .
He is becoming the dog he was meant to be.
The follow up session we had with Cheryl was very helpful to review and consolidate skills we were working on.
Kiko is learning now that's its okay not to bark when friends come to visit.
He is much more calmer, playful.
Am looking forward to having more sessions with Cheryl using the Transformation through Trust Techniques.
It has been a rewarding experience that has filled my heart with joy and gratitude. Just love seeing Kiko being a happy dog.

Heather Paul 09 Nov 2022

My dog and I are relatively new to this process, however what I have seen shown to me and what I have done with my dog makes perfect sense. My dog was not socialized as a puppy due to Covid and now is often very frightened with people and dogs he does not know. Working with Trust Technique I am seeing ways he becomes more peaceful and accepting of things he would not have before. I have worked with Cheryl before with other dogs and trusted her already. When I found out that she was doing this I jumped right in and know that she is the person I needed to help our very sensitive pup. I believe Trust Technique has raised the level of dog training to a new and better way to help both the dog and its owner as we see our own feelings brought to the surface as we work with our dog.

Susan 08 Nov 2022

Cheryl is amazing! We are first time dog parents worried about the way our small dog Stella turned into a shrieking banshee whenever she heard so much as a leaf blow outside!
Cheryl worked with us to bring down her thinking levels and allow her an opportunity to learn exactly how we expected her to behave. Success! The trust technique works!
Cheryl is calm and positive, teaching and encouraging and allowing us to feel supported. This experience not only helped solve our problem but allowed us to develop a deeper connection with Stella.

Tanja 17 Oct 2022

Cheryl’s canine crew helped show me the trust technique many months ago and it has truly transformed my dog Jasmine. It has also helped me to meditate and calm down immensely, which in turn helped my dog.
She used to be scared of every little noise and I couldn’t walk her except for around the building where I live. Now we walk all over town averaging over 9km! And because I stay calm, Jasmine stays calm. It seems so simple but you have to work hard at it every day and most of all be very patient. I gave the rating of a five stars because the trust technique is that good!! I have had 3 trainers who didn’t help at all until Cheryl introduced me to the trust technique. If you are having ANY problems with your dog then please try this technique. I guarantee it will work and it will help your own mental health. Thank you very much to Cheryl’s canine crew and the videos you can watch to help understand trust techniques.


Linda Hicks 17 Oct 2022

My pup Pippa and I have known Cheryl for 7 years through hiking, daycare and boarding. Cheryl well knew the struggles I was having with Pip's anxiety and fears and my enmeshed response. Cheryl told me about Trust Technique and as soon as I started exploring it a bit, I knew she had found a transformational way of life for me and my girl. Cheryl has gently and knowledgeably led us forward. Pippa and I have an ever-growing trust and healthy response to stimuli that would before have had us in a mess of emotions. And TT works for me! When I am feeling overwhelmed or anxious about events, I know exactly how to bring my thinking levels to a place of peace. Looking forward to continuing to work with Cheryl as Pippa and I explore places we would never have thought we could.


Leona Gunn 02 Sep 2022

Cheryl has shown me a path to a better connection with my dog Jack through the Trust Technique philosophy. Cheryl has been to my home twice to help support this process. She has the ability to explain the core elements of the Trust Technique in simple but clear communication. I am so grateful she has explained to me the difference between training and learning along with my dog. It has made a huge difference in how I see our doggy/human relationship. Cheryl's ability to connect to people and their animals in a positive, and supportive role is a very inspiring! As well, her commitment to Trust Technique and its philosophy shows with her enthusiasm for the entire process.
Thank you Cheryl so much for your continuing support.
Leona and Jackson

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