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The Trust Technique is a unique simple mindful approach that will help you and your dog create the deep fulfilling partnership that you desire.  Create a bond based on connection, communication, trust and confidence.  Live your best life together! I am one of only a handful of certified practitioners in Canada and I look forward to supporting you.

  • Create a deep connection.

  • Overcome  problem behaviors.

  • Train with ease.

Below is a link to the Introductory Trust Technique course: Messages of Trust.


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This is so, so wonderful Cheryl!  The next door neighbor, who walked by, just came to the door to tell me about Pippa not barking at them when they went by.  I asked her and her toddler to come inside because it was freezing and I wanted to talk to her about my countertop.  Pippa didn't bark and just lay on her mat, sucking her stuffy of course, but quietly.  Normally she would have pitched a bit of a fit.  I am just gobsmacked by this!  Thank you, thank you!!! Linda Hicks

The motorcycle drove by and Jasmine didn’t even flinch or bark. She remained calmly lying on the grass. I was so surprised I think my mouth dropped to the ground! 

So yes it really does work. And a lot better then treats or training etc…

Thanks so much for turning me onto this new technique. 🌈☀️🌈🦮

Tanja Abdelmesseh 


I wanted to try this method for Sully due to his leash aggression towards other dogs. Most training I have seen deals with bribing the dog with treats or reprimanding for bad behavior, which I wasn't interested in. I also know I get high anxiety, which in turn, gives him heightened anxiety in certain situations. 

The Trust Technique method seemed like the most effective training to get both of us on the same level. 

Using TT and seeing Sully able to get calm while on a leash is awesome! It has allowed me to slow down my thinking and breath and have him do the same while being on his leash. 

I have noticed a positive change in his on leash walking past other dogs and his "trigger" houses. As long as I don't get tense he seems to follow suit now.

The training is great as it isn't me asking him to do anything. Just being present with him and having him calm and relaxed is the goal, which is good for both of us!

I will definitely keep using TT and working on getting both of us to a place where I feel 100% confident that we can calmly walk past dogs with no stress or anxiety. 


Thanks again! I'll keep working for the little wins each day