EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


One of the biggest obstacles to creating changes in your relationship with your dog (or anyone else for that matter) is your energy.  I'm sure you have heard it many times before that your energy has a direct effect on your dog's behaviour. Perhaps you know this and see the changes depending on how things are going at home. Maybe you have seen it when a trainer works with your dog and get's totally different results than you do often as soon as they meet. I often have clients say "That's not my dog" when they see it behaving so differently with me.


Energy is one of the hardest things for a human to change without doing some inner work. Even if you know it and can make progress with the trainer explaining it to you, you will likely revert to your "normal" self after the session. How do you change something you can't even see or change your "natural" way of being? 


When people think about getting training for their dog (even if they know it is for them) they are often looking for what to do. I always say that it's not as much about what you do, but how you want to be. Not an easy thing to teach in a typical dog training session.


Since I re-discovered EFT and got such incredible results (emotionally, mentally and physically) in my personal life I had to take it further. I became a certified practitioner and have a second coaching business working will women small business owners. This is such a valuable tool in my dog care business as well. I have used it on dogs and their owners with great success and am so excited to bring this option into my Cheryl's Canine Crew business!  For example I had two dogs that were terrified of the sound of gunshots that we would sometimes hear in the distance on our hikes. They would bolt back to the truck.  I used EFT on them and both of them became less fearful and stuck with the group.  I have used it with clients to completely overcome their fear of dogs. I have also done sessions on a dog's behaviour with the owner and not done any hands on work with the dog at all. The results were amazing and walks instantly became an enjoyable experience instead of the fearful, stress filled events they had previously been. 


Have you tried all the typical training but still haven't gotten results? I promise you have not likely experienced a dog training session like this before! By neutralizing negative emotions and feelings first and foremost you will be in a much less stressed state and can then more easily create the results you desire.  Contact me for more details and to book your session now.