We take a limited number of dogs for daycare and boarding at my home. We have fully fenced yards around the house with covered areas, and the laundry room area for those that want some inside rest time.

There is lots of human interaction and supervision, and they also generally get a half hour hon leash walk.

Our services are for well balanced healthy dogs. They must be spayed/neutered (unless a puppy) and be up to date on vaccines including kennel cough.

While we can work with some issues, we are not set up for dogs that exhibit concerning behaviors such as abt form of aggression, high separation anxiety, or fence climbing/jumping/escape tendencies.

Our daycare is open Monday To Friday. We do not provide unscheduled drop ins, or one time visits for new dogs.

Drop offs from 8am to 9am and pick ups from 4pm to 5:30pm. (Earlier drop off times may be possible if pre-arranged.)

We do require a trial visit that is usually 3 to 4 hours the first time, depending on the comfort level of your dog. We only take one trial dog (or same family dogs) at a time so we can give our full attention to introducing them to us and the other dogs, providing a positive first experience for them. The trial day rate is $45 for one dog and $65 for two dogs. If that goes well, there are pay as you go and package options available.

One dog:
Pay as you go visits $40

Four visit pack $140

Ten visit pack $325

Two dogs:

Pay as you go visits $65

Four visit pack $220

Ten visit pack $540