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                            Boarding Services 

                                   We are currently not taking on any new daycare or boarding clients.

We take a limited number of dogs for daycare and boarding at my home. We have fully fenced yards around the house with covered areas, and they sleep in the laundry room area or little doggie condo right by the house.

There is a lot of human interaction and supervision, and they also generally get a half hour on leash walk.

There are no extra fees for giving special diets, medications, or for walks.

Our services are for well balanced healthy dogs. They must be spayed/neutered (unless a puppy) and be up to date on vaccines including kennel cough.

While we can work with some issues, we are not set up for dogs that exhibit concerning behaviors such as ay form of aggression, high separation anxiety or fence climbing/jumping/escape tendencies. We are generally booked with regular clients so can not always fit in one time visits, but will do our best to accommodate.

We do require a daycare trial day and an overnight visit in advance for new boarding dogs.

Trial daycare day $45
Trial overnight board $60

Boarding for one dog is $55 per calendar day
Boarding for two dogs is $90 per calendar day

Please note:  We are closed to the public on Sundays and Stat Holidays. (No drop offs or pick ups on Sundays or Stat Holidays and boarding fees will apply to those days if staying.)

If we sound like a good match so far, and you would like to set up a trial day, please contact us and send some details about your dog as well as the boarding dates you are looking for.



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