Boarding Services



Cheryl's Canine Crew offers specialized, limited boarding at my home. Your dog will get a combination of play, walks and or hikes during their stay with us. (Depending on numbers and suitability) There is a designated area provided in my house, or doggie condo for rest and relaxation. A big fenced yard for hanging out and supervised playtime, and extra attention that can't be provided in some busy day care or kennel environments with large numbers of dogs. The dog area is directly off of the house so I have constant contact and access to the dogs. No wire kennels, or runs far away from the house.

Daycare and Boarding is for dogs that are well socialized.

Flexibility with pick up and drop off times not available in many normal kennel situations. Fee is $50 per calendar day including tax.  For two dogs the fee is $70 per calendar day. 


Space is limited so book early!  Please contact me for more information.




There is a limited number of daycare spots. If you have a dog that needs to be on leash, wants some company, or a short walk but is not up for the full hikes then this option may be suitable for you.  Fee is $315 for a 10 pack that can be used up however you like.  Contact us for further details or for prices for more than one dog.