Exercise is the number one key for fulfilling your dog's needs and preventing any problem behaviours. So many common issues such as digging, chewing, barking etc. simply don't happen if your dog is getting the real exercise they need. A big back yard and on leash walks can provide some stimulation, but does not best provide the socialization, extreme exercise or instinctual needs of most dogs. When I was young the kids and dogs ran the neighbourhood together, getting lots of play, socialization and exercise together. We hung out with Dobermans, Boxers, mixed breeds, and strays. There was little thought of danger, aggression, or fear. As times changed both parents had to work, neighbourhoods got busier, traffic was heavier, and new dangers to children and dogs took that freedom away. Now dogs are home alone, on leash or in a yard for a large percentage of time. Boredom, isolation, lack of exercise, along with not enough socialization and conditioning have created many problems for our canine friends. They don't have a job for the most part anymore. The majority don't work on farms, babysit the kids, or live as a pack. Their jobs became to fulfill our emotional needs a lot of the time. Being human we started trying to fix these issues with caring and affection. Many times we have the love but not the knowledge to provide for the needs of our best friends.


At Cheryl's Canine Crew we will come to your home and pick up your dog. As a group we go to remote areas where they can move together as a pack and experience the exercise, socialization and freedom that will meet their instinctual needs. We are hiking for a minimum of an hour and a half, sometimes more depending on the group size and fitness levels. We then return your dog to their home where they are tired, happy and ready for a good long nap! (Note: If we have reason to believe your dog may not be suited to the hikes we will let you know and may require follow up before they can continue.)


Important: There are many dog hiking services starting to be offered. It is a job that is being viewed as easy and quick to set up with no experience needed. After all it's just walking a dog - right? Wrong! Believe me I think it is the most wonderful job in the world. I am so blessed to be doing something I love every day. However there are many factors to consider when working with a pack of dogs so please carefully consider whom you pick to take care of your companions. There are risks involved with having your dog off leash and at Cheryl's Canine Crew we pride ourselves in having the training and the knowledge to minimize those risks and keep your dogs safe and happy. I have been certified as a trainer by a PCTIA (Private Career Training Institute of Canada) accredited facility, and have my Dog Safe First Aid certification. I have contracted for the facility where I trained which included taking part in training other students that were becoming professional trainers. Hiking with the founder of U Dog and watching him work with dogs was a great experience. Knowledge of trails, wildlife, waterways, safety of areas during certain times of the year are all carefully planned. Picking areas and times that are safe, where there are few distractions and not often others on the trails. Knowing what to do when occasionally encountering other people, bikes, wildlife, horses etc. Knowledge of each indivdual dog, their traits and habits and how they will blend in with the pack so you can create the right mix. Knowing how to work with each dog to enhance good behaviours and not re enforce or instill bad behaviours when you are picking them up or dropping them off. Having a close relationship and knowing what is important to each owner. There is a lot of interaction, development and work with the pack to create those days that look like just a "walk in the park." At Cheryl's Canine Crew we go above and beyond to create a lasting, loyal relationship with your and your companions!





Ten pack for one dog - $350

Ten pack for two dogs same household - $550