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About Cheryl

In 2005 I was watching an episode of a famous dog trainer on TV.  I had been thinking about what I wanted to do next with my life and I so clearly remember thinking, "That's it! That's what I want to do. Support people to have better relationships with their dogs." Having already been immersed in natural horsemanship training, it seem like a logical step to have my own business doing something I loved.

By 2006 I had become a certified dog trainer and started offering various dog services. Over the years I studied and gained many skills both in working with animals and people, coaching both personally and professionally. 

I loved what I was doing, and yet over time, it still didn't feel as good as I envisioned.  I wanted to get even better results and something was still missing.  And then I found it!


As we learn, grow and expand over our lifetime, it is natural that we start to question old beliefs and perceive things in new ways. Those questions and the desire to work in a new way led me to finding The Trust Technique. 

I dove into the programs and quickly followed my inspiration to get certified as a practitioner and receive my level 3 diploma from Crossfield's Institute. 

Looking back I can see how valuable everything I have done was, as it created clarity and desire to more deeply fulfill my passion and purpose in this lifetime.  It has all come together so I can work in a way that I know will create lasting  transformation and I can't wait to share and support you and your animals!



Our lovely golden doodle who is super charged with energy loves going to Cheryl’s! We’ve seen a huge change in her manners, responsiveness to training and overall sense of calm since going to doggy day care. Tilly adores both Leah and Cheryl! Truly god sends! 

Dana Leik

Thank you Cheryl and Leah for giving Sully such a positive, fun place to spend a few days a week with some of his fur friends:)


Highly Recommend your services!!!!


Tawni Marcil

Cheryl came out today to help us with our anxious rescue pups. In a few short hours we experienced some amazing progress. I can’t wait to continue with what she taught us and see how much our pups thrive! Thank you.


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